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Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is located at XQVR+P5G, Addis Ababa. The phone number to get in touch with us is +251 903461653. You can chat with us on our official website here : 

Relax and feel at peace by improving your vision in our eye clinic located in Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa Eye Clinic provides professional eye care and surgeries for the eyes in Addis Ababa. We have been providing services to residents of the area, expatriates and tourists for over 10 years now. We are pleased to welcome you here at Addis Ababa Eye Clinic, an eye clinic that cares about your eyes.

We are the Best Eye Clinic in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is an eye clinic that is well-equipped. Utilizing the most modern technology We offer the best treatments for your eyes within Addis the city of Ababa in Ethiopia.

The primary goal of our eye nurses and doctors is to improve your vision quality. They'll provide you with the most effective eye care methods and surgeries in Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is the top eye clinic located in Addis Ababa. We provide these advantages :

  • The eye specialists of Addis Ababa Eye Clinic Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are highly experienced and well-known in Ethiopia.
  • Addis Ababa Eye Clinic has an amharic-speaking and English-speaking medical staff.
  • The materials used in the eye care of Addis Ababa Eye Clinic Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are the most advanced, brought from the USA
  • The rooms for vision care at Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are regularly sterilized and disinfected. Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are regularly cleaned and sterilized.
  • Addis Ababa Eye Clinic follows covid-19 safety guidelines to prevent any cross-contamination.

Information about Addis Ababa Eye Clinic treatments


We treat eye lens disorders

 Eye lens problems for which we offer treatments at the Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are :

- Cataract : For cataracts patients, eye lens become opaque

Myopia : For myopia sufferers, objects close to them is clearly visible, however far ones don't.

Hypermetropia: In hypermetropia patients, objects nearby appear blurred

Presbyopia: People suffering from presbyopia have difficulty focusing on objects in the vicinity

Conjunctiva Disorders treatments

Conjunctival disorders that we offer treatment for include :

Conjunctivitis: it's inflammation of the conjunctiva typically caused by the eye's infection, or an allergic reaction

Conjunctival concretions, they are the hard secretions that form beneath your eyelids.

Cornea Conditions Treatments

Cornea conditions that we treat include , but aren't restricted to :

Dry eye syndrome : it's the result of experiencing dry eyes, which manifests through irritation, blurred vision and the appearance of redness ...

-- Corneal infections caused by infections caused by fungi, viruses, and bacteria

- The cornea is inflamed.

- Cloudy morning vision

Glaucoma treatments

Glaucoma-related diseases that we offer treatments at the eye clinic of Addis Ababa include :

- Primary open-angle glaucoma

- Primary normal tension Glaucoma

- Primary angle-closure glaucoma

Secondary Glaucoma

Eyeglasses & Lenses Treatments

Optometrists and ophthalmologists can prescribe and help you :

- Vision correction eyeglasses for refractive errors like myopia, hypermetropia etc..

- Contact lenses

Safety glasses and

- Sport glasses

Other Treatments

Addis Ababa Eye Clinic also provide other vision-related treatments which include but are not limited to:

Ophthalmology for children

- Amblyopia

- Medical retina

- Vision emergencies and other ...



Common Eye Problems


We strongly suggest that you consult your eye doctor the first sign of one of these signs :

  • The vision changes and you get double vision, blind spots, wavy lines light halos, blurry faces, watery vision flashes of lightning streaks, light or sharp lines of light.
  • There is a change in your field of vision . These include black spots, shadows in peripheral or central vision, blurriness, and the loss of vision that resembles a curtain.
  • You may notice changes in your vision color
  • There is a sudden loss of vision
  • There is a gradual loss of vision in both eyes or one.
  • Something physical caught your eye, like hard dust, chemicals, insects etc...
  • There are physical changes that occur in your eyes , such as eyes that are crossed or are swelling eyes that move down or up as well as redness, inflammation and discharge. 

A Trustworthy Ophthalmology clinic close to you


Our Ophthalmology Clinic located in Addis Ababa is home to eye specialists who provide tests and diagnostics. Addis Ababa Eye clinic offers medical and surgical treatments for all types of ophthalmic diseases from infants to adults.

The eye doctors of our clinic taking care of you are highly trained doctors and eye surgeons who are the medical experts for eye care in Ethiopia.

Our eye specialists in Ethiopia have graduated from medical school and have completed many years of postgraduate training in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Addis Ababa Eye Clinic employs optometrists and vision therapy specialists who are medical experts licensed in the field of eye care and treatment of eye disorders.

Our opthamologists conduct thorough eye examinations and surgeries on patients, prescribe and administer medication. They relay to optometrists the most appropriate prescription for your glasses or lenses. 

A renowned eye doctor is available for your service


It is the Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is also the home of certified Ethiopian opticians and eye doctors who create, fit and dispensing lenses. They offer corrections to your eyes based on the prescriptions of our eye doctors.

The opticians decide on the specifications for the various Ophthalmic devices that are prescribed to give you the corrective treatment needed to your vision.

They may also provide alternative prescriptions should you be unable to for personal reasons choose to undergo the recommended treatment (eyeglasses or contact lenses, for instance). 

Visit our Vision Care Center in Ethiopia today

Visit our vision eye practice in Addis Ababa to receive an early diagnosis or preventive treatments is the most effective way to reduce the chance of permanent damage to the eyes and loss of vision.

Our eye clinic located in Ethiopia can assist you with various options for protecting your eyesight or treating an eye condition.